Scuba diving is a truly incredible experience!

I’d always wanted to try scuba diving, but only recently realized that I didn’t need a certification to try it!  With’s first time diver program, we were able to learn the basics and go diving with some of Oahu’s most amazing underwater creatures.

Our dive instructors took us out to Moanalua Bay on Oahu’s southern coast.  With a small group of 4 beginning divers, 3 dive instructors, and 1 ship captain, the training was very thorough and personal.   And after not too long, we had arrived at our first dive site.

After gearing up and jumping into the water, we grabbed hold of a line, which was tied from the boat to the sea floor.  We used this line to pull ourselves down about 30 or 40 feet to the sea floor.  Once we let go of the line, the ocean was ours to explore.  We saw so many bright, beautiful fish.  Our instructor was also able to catch an octopus, which we proceeded to hold and play with.  40 minutes on the ocean floor went by sooo fast!

After we get back on the boat, our instructor tells the captain “let’s go find some sea turtles”.  These guys weren’t joking around.  At our second dive site, we ran into at least 6 or 7 of them!  Watching seas turtles in an aquarium or seeing them laid out on a sandy shore just doesn’t compare to the thrill of swimming right alongside them.  These majestic creatures are so docile, friendly, and just gorgeous!  Aside from turtles, we also saw squid, a shark, and many species of fish.   We could even hear the eerie yet beautiful calls of humpback whales!   I didn’t want the dive to end.

The photo gallery does more justice than words can describe and of course, it was even better in person.  Highlight of my trip to Oahu!  Now I want to get certified!

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  1. Awesome Julie! Now I want to get certified too! =) miss you girl!

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