For a fun kayaking adventure, Ruben and I rented kayaks at Kailua Beach and paddled across the bay to Popoia island, a protected bird sanctuary.  Although ocean conditions were a bit rough from the tradewinds, we had a ton of fun!

We picked up our kayak at Kaelepulu Stream, adjacent to Kailua Beach Park.   After paddling up the stream and carrying the kayak over the sandbar to Kailua beach, we launched and began our journey into the open ocean.  The channel between Kailua beach and Popoia Island (also known as Flat Island), is relatively short, yet the trip there was elongated by the persistent current.  It took about 40 minutes to traverse the channel.

Popoia Island is a bird sanctuary, and serves as nesting grounds for several indigenous bird species.   The island is open to the public, accessible only by a small beach.  So we beached our kayak and proceeded to explore the small island via a well-defined path around the island’s perimeter.  The island itself looked to be comprised mainly of volcanic rock.  Along the  trail, we saw several groups of shorebirds; they were not particularly shy and so they let us take nice photos of them.

Although we had originally planned to paddle to both Popoia and Mokulua Islands, the ocean conditions were a bit too rough for an enjoyable paddle to Mokulua.  So we decided to head back to Kailua Beach.  The journey back was rather short - we paddled very little while the current brought us ashore in only 5 or 10 minutes!

Since we had some extra time on our kayak rental, we leisurely paddled up Kaelepupu Stream, where we ran into an adorable family of ducks.

The gorgeous blue waters of Kailua created  a splendid background for a great adventure. Be sure to check out my photo gallery below!

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