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The bridge to nowhere is a concrete arch bridge, built in 1936 as part of a roadway along the east fork of the San Gabriel River, leading to a gold rush town. In 1938, a torrential flood washed away almost everything… except this bridge. It now stands alone, rather out of place, in the canyon. I had been eyeing this hike for some time - maybe it’s the civil engineer in me, or perhaps it’s my fascination with changing landscapes.

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As a kid, this particular zoo was probably my favorite place to visit.

Much time had passed since my last trip here, and so with a bit of nostalgia, my family and I returned.

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Welcome to my website. I decided it would be fun to blog about and keep a record of all of the adventures and events in my life. Updates coming soon!

For a fun kayaking adventure, Ruben and I rented kayaks at Kailua Beach and paddled across the bay to Popoia island, a protected bird sanctuary.  Although ocean conditions were a bit rough from the tradewinds, we had a ton of fun!

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Scuba diving is a truly incredible experience!

I’d always wanted to try scuba diving, but only recently realized that I didn’t need a certification to try it!  With’s first time diver program, we were able to learn the basics and go diving with some of Oahu’s most amazing underwater creatures.

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I had been to Hanauma Bay once before, in October 2007. On this first visit, I was totally amazed by the quantity, size, and beauty of the fish. I even saw two sea turtles, which was my first wild sea turtle encounter.

In March 2009 I decided to return to Hanauma Bay to take Ruben on his first snorkeling adventure.

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Mt. Disappointment got its name when a group of government surveyors lugged their equipment up the mountainside thinking it was the highest peak in the area.  To their disappointment, nearby San Gabriel peak was some 170 feet higher.  The hike; however, is far from disappointing.
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The Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area is located on the north face of the San Gabriel Mountains, and lies within the Los Angeles County Border.  The Punchbowl is home to a number of interesting geological features, created by erosion and uplift from three nearby faults (the San Andreas, Pinyon, and Punchbowl Faults).  Read the rest of this entry »

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